Betsy Johnson claims to be independent.

Her long record in Salem says otherwise.

A 20 Year Record of Siding with Extreme Politicians.

For 20 years, Senator Betsy Johnson has sided with extreme politicians on the right, working from the inside to help them advance their agenda. When it counted most, she voted against everything from protections for the environment to gun safety to helping working families. Johnson claims that she will “be loyal only to the people of Oregon.” But her record shows who she is actually loyal to: the corporate interests and billionaires that have profited off her extreme record. In return, corporate interests provided nearly 70% of her campaign contributions.

Career Politician Johnson played a decisive role in killing bills to protect Oregon’s clean air, water, and environment.

Senator Betsy Johnson consistently used her insider position to block action on climate change. She’s backed by big corporations and polluters, as well as climate deniers like the Koch Brothers. Even as historic wildfires, drought, and heat waves ravaged our state, Johnson sided with right-wing extremists and voted against measures to protect Oregon’s future—including a move toward 100% clean electricity by 2040.

Senator Betsy Johnson opposed common sense gun control measures.

Betsy repeatedly sided with gun manufacturers and extremists. She doomed legislation that would have expanded background checks on gun sales and even voted against preventing domestic abusers and stalkers from owning a gun. And after a mass shooting in Parkland killed 17 people, Betsy said it wasn’t the time for an “emotional response.”

Betsy Johnson’s just another political insider hurting us while enriching herself and her big corporate funders. She’s not for us, and she’s not for Oregon.


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